Welcome to the website for the Cleveland Maennerchor.

 The Cleveland Männerchor was formed by the consolidation of the Heights Male Chorus (Heights Männerchor) and the Schwäbischer Sängerbund in 1967. The Heights Male Chorus was one of the most long-lived German singing societies founded in Cleveland. It was formed in 1873, a full 25 years after the first society, The FROHSINN SINGING SOCIETY. The purpose was not necessarily to compete with other singing guilds but rather to add to the amount of Germanic song in the area.

 The Männerchor is a testament to the large influx of German immigrants to this area which, in turn, served to enrich our culture and diversity. The German people have always loved to sing. The Cleveland Männerchor strives to promote this German tradition of song in the hope that it will continue to flourish as it has for over a century here in Cleveland.

 The Cleveland Männerchor meets for rehearsals in its hall every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. The male singers perform at local events, host numerous ethnic gatherings, perform at regional and national conventions, and also perform at other local singing societies events.

 New Singers Are Always Welcome! The warm atmosphere and authentic German decor of the Männerchor Hall has attracted several other organizations who hold thier meetings here throughout the year. While the Männerchor is made up of mostly ethnic Germans; being German or of German ancestry is certainly not a criterion for membership in the choir. All that is required is an interest in singing in German. We invite all those who would like to join us in raising our voices in beautiful, joyous German song to come during any rehearsal.

The Cleveland Männerchor:

  * Performs music which highlights the timeless beauty of male voices
  * Provides a challenging choral experience and fellowship to its members
  * Brings the experience of men's choral music to intergenerational audiences
  * Encourages young people to grow past the High School and College music experience
  * Renews through song the themes of German culture as it resounds in America's heartland.

 If you have a question, comment, or constructive criticism about the Männerchor or this site, please feel free to click on "CONTACT US" on the menu. Any and all feedback is very much appreciated.

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